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Mekayla Rayne: Live

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Past and Future of Music

When it comes to her original music, Mekayla has written recorded and produced an 11-track album that includes one instrumental bonus track, as well as several singles. Although you can hear her music on your favorite music streaming platform she will always say she's better live and encourage you to check out her live videos on YouTube. There you'll also find originals that you can't see on streaming services. As Mekayla is constantly creating new music, she writes faster than she can produce!


Mekayla has been singing since she could talk and playing instruments shortly after. She has been trained in 5 instruments those being vocals, piano, violin, stand-up bass and percussion and has been self-taught in guitar, bass guitar, lyre, and flute. Although her main instrument is her voice, she is constantly trying to learn and improve on new instruments.

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